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Become A Brand Sponsor

All profits generated from the sale of donated merchandise will be donated to assist Veteran & Veteran families in time of need.

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Helping Veteran's help themselves.


Help us achieve our goal

The Blac & Bleu Book is the official production magazine of Batal Productions and will be used as a promotional medium for all upcoming productions, clientele and current events. It is a subscription based magazine consisting of Subscribers and Service Providers. Batal Productions is a small family owned Production company located in the Las Vegas Metro area, with a focus on the performing arts, new media, film, television, radio & video.

Veteran Homelessness . Homelessness can happen to anyone at any specified time for a variety of reasons. Ranging from forced relocations from natural disasters, a sudden loss in income, poor credit, a poor rental history or a combination of both. Homeless Veterans send a very strong message about us as a nation and can have adverse affects with regards to our Foreign relations, recruitment efforts, re-enlistments and public safety. According to the VA, For the purposes of homeless services, the VA recommends two questions to determine a  Veteran's homeless status. 

  • “Have you ever served in the U.S. Armed Forces?” 
  • “Were you activated into active duty, as a member of the National Guard or as a Reservist?”

HUD which is the department of housing and urban development, definition for a veteran is as follows: ...persons who have served on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States. This does not include inactive military reserves or the National Guard unless the person was called up to active duty.

Factual Data


According to the Southern Nevada homeless census survey

Based on a total of 32 veterans, all self-reported and unsheltered. four or (12.5%) were female and 28 (87.5%) were male. Based on the survey, there were no veteran respondents whom openly identified themselves as transgender. The highest percentage of homeless veterans reported they are

  • White/Caucasian, which accounts for (56.3%)
  • Black/African American, which accounts for roughly (31.3%). 

The highest percentage of homeless veterans (97%) reported they are Non-Hispanic/Non-Latino. We see a slight increase of  approximately 4.5% when compared to last year's data in 2017 when 93.5% of respondents were Non-Hispanic/Non-Latino. Veteran benefits qualifications is strongly influenced by the type of discharge attained while transitioning from active duty, to civilan life. Agencies influenced include the Veteran's Administration, as well as other VA approved programs.  Among the Veteran Survey Respondents we can safely report the following findings.

  •  68.7% reported Honorable Discharge.
  • 12.5% of respondents reported General discharge status. •
  • 3.1% of veteran respondents reported a discharge status of Dishonorable in 2018. 
  • 6.3% of veteran respondents reported a discharge status of Other Than Honorable.

 Other than Honorable discharged Veterans do not qualify for multiple types of standard government veteran benefits.

How we can help.


Become our Brand Sponsor.

Are you an upcoming or already established industry brand currently experiencing and overstock of inventory. Is it feasible for you find a more cost effective measure to gain a little bit more exposure for your upcoming brand? Become our Brand Sponsor. We are currently accepting a variety of brand for our upcoming Blac & Bleu Discount Boutique. All profits generated form the sale of items received from our brand sponsors will be donated to assist A qualifying Veteran/Veteran Families that are at risk. The services we are currently looking to develop will included but is not limited too the folllowing.

  • Rental Assistance.
  • Vocational rehabilition upon the depletion of or unavailablitiy of VA benefits
  • A readily available business casual clothing bank with a resume work shop..
  • Open Pantry available for qualifying Veterans/Families, 3 days per week.
  • Utilities assistance.



As a Brand Sponsor

You will be building you brand around the concept of supporting the most poweful military super power in the world. By sponsoring us with items from your tangible inventory, you can gain a solid share in unknown markets, with good intentions through the sale of your items via our business network , as well as possible future physical locations. Visit our Zakir Zakat crowd funding platform to donate directly


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