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The Business Proposal

A business proposal is a written document curtailed to a prospective client in an attempt to set up a meeting with the intent to generate a sale. There are two types of proposals. Solicited or unsolicited.

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Organize the confusion.


Which type works in your favor

A business proposal is a written offer from a particular vendor to a prospective buyer. They come in two forms. Solicited and unsolicited.

  • An unsolicited proposal - Unsolicited proposals are quite similar to your basic marketing brochures. They are somewhat generic in nature with no specific customer needs outline nor specified requirements. It is generally used to introduce a product or service to a targeted group of prospective. The intention is to introduce the possibility of a sale rather than initiate a closing. Physical examples of business proposals would be giveaways at a convention or trade show.
  • A solicited proposal - is designed as a follow up so as to initiate a closing. At this stage both parties, the vendor and prospective client will have a more in depth conversation regarding goods and services. Now, depending on your proposal, along with presentation produce an actual sales meeting between both parties which will close in favor of both parties, with a plan to move forward.

A business proposal should be short, straight to the point and propose the next steps toward setting up a personal meeting based around the items proposed in the proposal.

Piecing together the puzzles.


The introduction.

The first step in writing your proposal is a firm introduction. Who you are. They may have already heard of your product and/or services through word of mouth, or may have potentially viewed  your website sometime in the past. Some clients may actually begin their research upon receipt of your proposal, with a thoroughly overview of your online presence, which may not exclude the Better Business Bureau.

  1.  Create an awareness of needs - Some prospects may be fully aware of their current challenge but may need an effective strategy to overcome. Other prospects may not be thinking that far ahead. You may want to do research into your prospects in an effort to enhance your ability to offer relevant solutions. An example of this would be web design company X notices that prospect Y may already have a beautifully designed well organized website. With a close analysis he notices a unusual branding at the bottom suggesting that it is a drag and dropped template designed website which comes with a 19.99 per month subscription with limits and no search engine optimizations.
  2. Proposed solution - This puts company X in a situation where they can offer relevant services which would be a customized website with a onetime payment at an affordable price along with hosting which should eliminate the need to pay a monthly fee.

Schedule a day and time.


Don't be afraid to propose the next steps.

As mentioned prior, some clients may already be fully aware of what they may need, while other may not be thinking that far ahead. Either way you should propse a budget for the required project offer along woth a schedule of your availability, time frame and workload along with a scheduled meeting. The meeting doesn't have to be a personal face to face. We are well advanced in the digital age where a variety of meeting options is abundant. What is important ios w no matter the chosen medium of contact, it should be viwed upon as a decision making meeting. Some people are a little bit more comfortable with a face to face meeting, while others may only require a video conference, a phone conversation or may be an oline chat option. Since we wont know off hand which style is suitable based on the client i striongly suggest a face to face meeting offer in your proposal. This gives you the opportunity to sell yoursell and leave an impression and actually learn your propsect.


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