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Brian Connell  -   8, Aug 2021 06:33 PM
Fossils are echoes of an ancient past. Find out about the two major categories of fossils, how fossilization occurs, and how fossils can help paint a picture of the planet's history...

Brian Connell  -   3, Mar 2021 06:25 PM
Banks (not his real name) earns tens of thousands of euros every month distributing weed to dealers in a small town in central Germany. But he wants to stop, because he says his product has become poi..

Brian Connell  -   3, Mar 2021 09:30 AM
Stef photography is a highly talented photographer coming out of the United Kingdom. She is into experimental art and is available for commissioned work, based on her instagram profile..

Brian Connell  -   3, Mar 2020 01:37 AM
NOTE: As our expert Peter Li points out in the video, “The majority of the people in China do not eat wildlife animals. Those people who consume these wildlife animals are the rich and the powerful –a..