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Welcome to our production magazine

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The Blac & Bleu Book - The Blac & Bleu Book is our official production magazine and is designed to 1. Create a sense of awareness for the average everyday consumer. 2. Provide a platform for you business to update information, publish offers and collect customer reviews. 3. Connect the average everyday consumer with business owners from within their local community through our global business listing. The Blac & Bleu Book is available and open to the public for online viewing however, only verified subscribers of our business network will receive a monthly hardcopy version of our production magazine with featured articles, updated information, published offers and customer reviews. Our online production magazine is very interactive. It allows free user accounts with a post limit of seven no ad placement, featured post or verified badge. Paid account, at ten dollars per month, with a post limit at one thousand, ad placement, featured post and a verified badge, it can open the doors for amateur bloggers and professional journalist to create content and spread awareness within the global community for their personal branding.
  • News: Import and/or upload images for your writing content.
  • Videos: Post and upload/import videos from YouTube, Daily motion, Face book, and Vine.
  • Breaking News: Go before a live audience for breaking news content.
  • Lists: Create popular listed content and a lot more!
  • Polls: Create opinion polls to represent the opinions of a population.
  • Music: Create post for a specific genre
  • Quizzes: Create quizzes to test the general knowledge of a targeted population.
  • Powerful Admin panel: Manage settings, users, lists, videos, news, and a lot more easily from our admin panel.
  • Reaction System: User posts reactions. custom Profile Fields: Create custom profile fields.

  1. International news
  2. Current events
  3. Environmental
  4. Government
  5. Magazines
  6. Newspapers
  7. Politics

 At the end of each quarter, our Contestant winners will be selected and listed in three categories.

  • Most Likely To Succeed Award
  1. Award Amount: $1,500 
  2. Free entry for second quarter contest
  3. Cover page of our Production magazine quarterly issue
  • Most Likely To Overcome
  1. Award Amount: $500 
  2. Free entry for second quarter contest
  • Most Likely To Endure
  1. Award Amount: $100.00 

Deadline: December 15th 2021. Winner we be announced January 1st 2022

Registration to Register to our Production magazine

Entry fee: Quarterly subscription to our Production magazine