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Our nation's G.D.P goes Blac or Bleu

In this article we will discuss and review assets and liabilities and apply it's concept to our national G.D.P.

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Which side are you on?


What makes up a nation's G.D.P.

A country's gross domestic product is the monetary value placed on a variety of goods and services produced within a nation's borders within a specified period of time. It is used as a key factor in determining the economic wealth of a nation, as well as a judgement of the people's living standards. For this scenario we will use the spending approach. The spending approach is the most common method used and calculates the monies spent by the different groups that participate in the economy which will consist of consumers, businesses and government.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Personal consumption accounts for 69 percent of our G.D.P. while Government Consumption Expenditure and Gross Investment accounted for 17%, Gross Private Domestic Investment accounts for 16% while our net exports lags at a -3%. Taking the following factors into consideration, for this particular writing assignment take the following and answer the following questions.


Personal consumption expenditure

  • Define the term personal consumption expenditure, decide what you believe a safe level should be and at a 69% expenditure what does it tell us about The United States.
  • Government spending is at an all time low at 17% when compared to personal consumption expenditure. Should it be higher.
  • List three necessary government expenditures.
  • List three positive government investments you would make to stimulate growth in the economy.
  • In your opinion what is a descent consumption level for any government
  • Define Gross Private Domestic Investment. Who are the major investors and what role does it play in a nation's G.D.P.

Using the information gathered from your research, generate a well written APA/MLA formatted article for entry into The Blac or Bleu Book writing contest. In your essay closing give an overview on the economic condition of The United States and based on the information provided and research gathered what changes should be made so as to achieve a more positive outlook.

The Blac & Bleu Book was released July fourth, 2018. In an attempt to provide a variety of input and perspective on our chosen subject matter, we would like to host our first quarterly writing contest. The contest will be open to the general public. If you have a natural talent for and enjoy writing, then this may be a great opportunity for you to express your point of views on a variety of subject matter. However, with regards to quarterly cash and prizes entry is only open to Subscribers & Service Providers of our production magazine. The closing date on the contest will be September eighteenth. See our entry rules and terms and conditions

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