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Brian Connell  -   4, Apr 2023 01:27 AM
very successful one at that. She left the hip hop community for a few years..

Brian Connell  -   4, Apr 2023 07:40 AM
Corrective body posture is something that is often overlooked if not, totally ignored within our modern society. Its not something that is openly promoted nor is it a subject that the average everyday..

Brian Connell  -   4, Apr 2023 06:18 AM
A video recently surfaced online showing Tekashi 69 being assaulted in the restroom area of a local public gym..

Brian Connell  -   1, Jan 2023 08:54 PM
We believe that such a significant relationship between local business owners and their community will establishes a trust that creates true sustainability...

Brian Connell  -   12, Dec 2022 05:54 PM
We offer job slot posting and an applicant tracking system that functions and integrates right on our business network based on a weekly subscription pricing strategy...

Brian Connell  -   9, Sep 2022 07:31 PM
In this article we will recap on the benefit of email marketing to business owners and as we move closer to globalization, the average to professional jobseeker. Along with that, we will share a littl..

Brian Connell  -   9, Sep 2022 06:52 PM
Batal Productions i-nclude i- social is the official business network of Batal Production, and is designed to connect the average everyday consumer with business owners from within their local communi..

Brian Connell  -   2, Feb 2022 01:26 AM
In 2016 In November of 2016, an online petition called for Khalifa to be appointed by President-elect Donald Trump as the next United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia...

Brian Connell  -   2, Feb 2022 08:09 PM
In this article, we will discuss independent journalism and how it can strengthen your local community. Even though a huge variety of information can be considered to be a recipe for misinformation o..

Brian Connell  -   1, Jan 2021 01:19 PM
Clustering, or idea mapping, is a strategy used to promote the exploration of the relationships between ideas. You may begin this exercise by putting the subject in the center of a page. Circle or un..

Brian Connell  -   3, Mar 2020 08:46 PM
In this article we talk about the different opportunities independent journalism can provide in the form of blogging, a variety of strategies used in the blogging industry and how you can get started ..

Brian Connell  -   2, Feb 2020 11:39 AM
In this article we took a closer look into one of the most overlooked cost effective marketing strategies. Join me as we analyze it's importance, how it became a cornerstone of our modern day soc..


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