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very successful one at that. She left the hip hop community for a few years

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From Da Block For Quite Some Time

Jenifer Lopez has been a huge contributor to the entertainment industry for quite some time. What we should pay attention too is she started off from the very bottom and like Cardi B she opened up the industry and should have inspired anyone starting off as back up dancer to new level of achievements since that was her staring point. Over the years the world has watched her transition to In Living color as a dancer then as a hip hop Artists. A very successful one at that. She left the hip hop community for a few years and it seems as if she focused more on her Hispanic heritage and strictly made music to support that. In the past she has done movies and a clothing line. She has done it all so whats left to do.


Here Comes The Drama

Just a few weeks ago, famous celebrity Jennifer Lopez received a lot of backlash for  her decision to launch her very own alcoholic brand Delola. Delola is a ready to enjoy cocktail that is available in three different flavors and of course, three different types of alcohol. Her inspiration derived from her nickname and the will to promote her more playful carefree side of character. Lopez further added that this side of her is more or less, less active within society. Regardless of her reasoning, it didn't sit too well with her fans and followers. They felt as if she was being somewhat irresponsible as a public figure. Promoting drinking within society when she is publicly known, according to popular belief, to be an advocate against alcohol. Along with that, it also believed that her husband is currently undergoing alcoholic rehabilitation. Her beverage is available as a vodka based berry spritz, a tequila based grapefruit with an elder flower and finally, an amaro based orange and passion fruit. The intoxicating effects is said to be equivalent to a glass of wine.

An Invasion Of Privacy

I felt a sense of obligation to come to Jenifer Lopez’s defense in the name of business, as well as on behalf of the Entertainment Industry. The Entertainment industry has done such an outstanding job entertaining the general public, at times, it is very difficult to tell the difference between entertainment and reality. Furthermore, reality television, which has been around for quite some time, has created a market that anticipate entertainers to be one with their entertainment identity. We see it in the hip hop industry all the time with casualties, where the rapper gets criticized for not using drug while promoting drug use, not a gang member but promoting gang membership at the risk of breaking the law and the most popular of all, not having any oppositions in reality so you create them through internet beefs and public ridicule, which then contribute extensively to their rap career. 



Staying in A Fan based Place

In order to fully understand the underlying reasons for JLO’s alcohol brand launch it may require a full blown interview but the benefits are numerous from the outside looking in. Intoxication is at an all time high and maybe she feels as if she should cash in on the conservative drinker's market. Similar to Puff daddy with Ciroc and 50 Cent with Effen Vodka. The previous mentioned  celebrities alongside JLO, made huge contributions to the hip hop community with music, apparel and movies. It just seems like the next logical level up for hip hop musicians, even though 50 cent easily transitioned from energy drinks and promoting a healthy lifestyle with workout activities down to the Reebok, to alcohol consumption and the night lifestyle with no criticism at all. I have never witnessed 50 Cent intoxicated and he definitely doesn't promote it in is music videos compared to a push up or pull up or two. His physical embodiment definitely doesn't show the wear and tear of an individual that consumes alcohol, controlled substances or marijuana. My personal opinion, view this as a positive move for JLO’s career, even though it comes across as hypocritical in nature and here is why. As a people, when we get older and maintain a beautiful youthful appearance naturally, it leaves the opportunity of youth slightly cracked open. If a guy is in his fifties but looks twenty five he may attract a twenty five year old. If he maintains his physique, youthful fashion will further compliment their youthful appearance and mislead the public when it comes to age and maturity and in some cases, depending on their leadership, they can still inspire a new generation and cash in on the profits. Another factor we should consider is JLO is not just branding her name on a bottle. It seems as if she is heavily involved in the production phase. If her branding goes viral, she may create an expansion opportunity  into the farming and land industry, stunning her fans with luscious vineyards and savory gardens that support her brand production. If opportunity goes in this direction, then her beverage may be looked upon by the consumer as even though its alcoholic, its still organic in nature all because she invited her viewers a chance to witness the production phase while making it an actual production.
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