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US Vets and Our Veterans
US Vets and Our Veterans
Regional News updated 2 months ago

US Vets and Our Veterans

US Vets is both a program and a housing referral service used by The Department of Veteran Affairs to find and assist Veterans in a housing crisis achieve some sort of housing stability

Their fair share in the Veteran homelessness and suicide rates


The Who

Us Vets, according to their website in the about us section, is on a mission to end veteran homelessness in the United States.  They believe that “The streets” are simply no place for veterans; no place for the many men and women who volunteered, giving of themselves and their youth, to protect our great freedoms. They believe all veterans deserve every opportunity to live with dignity and independence. It is our duty at U.S.VETS to deliver on our promise to always serve those who’ve served. Their official website boasts of having over

  • 1,168.00 JOB PLACEMENT

 They are also proud to be recognized as a national leader in providing housing, employment and mental health services to veterans. US VETS is also considered to be one of the many transitional housing authorities utilized by the VA and as a solution to permanent housing placement for Veterans Homelessness can happen to anyone, at any age at anytime. Unless you’re self made. Even at a self made status, we have seen many celebrities at times fall from grace. No one is exempt, especially if you are a resident of Las Vegas Nevada. In the event a tenant defaults on their rental obligations, they risk being evicted for nonpayment of rent. This type of eviction stays on the tenant’s record for seven years, making it nearly impossible to negotiate a rental agreement anywhere within the state boundaries. Most tenants normally out of fear vacate the premises within the specified time period. Others contest the eviction in order to buy them enough time to negotiate another rental agreement elsewhere, before the actual eviction show up on their background check. A minority Veteran family applied for housing assistance at the VA clinic located on Charleston and Lamb. Under normal circumstances, after being deemed qualified for services, they are immediately assigned a housing case manager. The housing case manager would then assign the Veteran family to their transitional housing authority. In this case, it would be US VETS. US VETS, along with VA housing case manger, in a coordinated effort would work towards the placement of the Veteran family into a permanent housing. One that would display housing stability

The What

The What

Back in 2018 a Veteran family applied for services at the VA clinic located on Charleston and Lamb and was referred to US VETS as the transitional housing authority. The Veteran family was successfully transitioned to Palm Gardens Apartments, located on 505 south Thirteenth Street, Las Vegas Nevada. The Landlord at the time was NV Services 369 LLC. As part of the Veteran housing agreement, which would apply to a majority of the program participants, the Veteran was enrolled in their job search program located on 525 E Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89101. The program is very useful. They are well acquainted with a variety of Job connect locations and casinos. Along with that, they provide other outstanding services such as assistance with resume writing, a clothing bank with professional gently used attire worthy of landing the Veteran a job interview, they keep veterans up to date with hiring events and at times, at least once per week, they have employment representative present what they have to offer with on spot interviews as an option. Now when it comes to housing, it’s a very different scenario with regards to housing placement success. A Veteran participant was placed and offered a partime position at one of the major casinos in the Las Vegas Metro area. The US VETS case manager at the time Melissa Kehoe being the case manager at the time notified the Veteran that they will be splitting all housing costs along with living expenses in half. Along with that she would like the Veteran to give a speech on why other Veterans should accept a part time position within their job placement program. They were having issues at the time placing Veterans with companies due to the partime nature. Their current audience we’re only looking forward to full time work. The Veteran declined. A few weeks later the Veteran was notified by text that they we’re being discharged from their program and they will receive something in the mail. She also notified the Veteran that their program was temporary and their time simply expired, leading to an eviction tempoary homelessness and forcing the Veteran Family due to their eviction to reside in a combination of motels, weeklys and extended stays. The US VETS case manager's correspondence as showed in the above tweet is dated 03/26/17 as the date the Veteran was being discharged from their program yet the Veteran family was evicted on April 2018. In all actuality the Veteran family entered their lease agreement October 18, 2017 was discharged March 2018 and later on evicted April of 2018. 

The When

Here we are in two thousand twenty one. Back in twenty twenty, everyone felt the effects of the current pandemic. Some of us had to readjust our lifestyles, may have to consider a change in careers while others may have experienced a loss in income. Veterans are no exception. A Veteran family reached out to CRRC and once again was placed with US VETS as the transitional housing authority after explaining to their case manager their prior grievance. The end goal was HUDVASH. HUDVASH is a program designed specifically for Veterans with an end goal of achieving true housing stability. After almost a year long struggle to find suitable housing the Veteran family was finally placed in an inhabitable housing unit under Durant Property Investments LLC currently being managed by the same property manager whom once managed NV Services 369 LLC, and was very proactive in the eviction process on April of 2017. This time the unit according to HUDVASH standards could possibly be deemed un-inhabitable for the following reasons.

  1. No working heat
  2. No working air condition unit
  3. Circuit breaker trip whenever non working AC is switched from fan to AC mode.
  4. No working electricity in the entire unit with the exception of the stove, hot water heater and outlet located directly behing the stove.
  5. All bedroom windows sealed shut with a combination of sealant and screws
  6. Unit experienced rolling blackout at least once per month over a nine month period.

The Veteran family was notified a few weeks later into the lease that this was going to be their permanent housing unit rather than transitional even though it would put them at risk of losing their HUDVASH housing voucher. At this point, the Veteran family demanded to be transitioned to a more suitable housing unit and most importantly one that would not put them at risk of losing their HUDVASH voucher. The Veteran'ss case manager at the time, Britanny SRP  made an attempt to find and place the Veteran family with a different property management company under the assumed name NWRE LLC - Keller Williams Realty. The Veteran family was unable to transition to more suitable, habitable conditions due to non payment, which is pretty apparent in the following email.

NWRE LLC - Keller Williams Realty - Rent Payment Reminder


NWRE LLC - Keller Williams Realty <[email protected]>


Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 3:00 pm




This is a reminder that your rent payment is due on April 1st.

Want to make your payment online? Activate your online portal.

Thank you for choosing NWRE LLC - Keller Williams Realty.

NWRE LLC - Keller Williams Realty

Tired of receiving these emails? Unsubscribe.

Based on the following scenario, the Veteran family would have turned over their unit and key to the current landlord Durant Property Investments LLC  and enter into a new lease rental agreement while having their household and personal item removed courtesy of Move 4 Less.  Upon arrival they would be denied entry into the new unit since no payment was made through the US VETS case manager, putting them at risk of being homeless during a pandemic. At this point the Veteran family grew a slight concerned what else was not being paid for and requested on numerous occcasion a copy of the rental agreement along with receipt of payments made. The Durant Property Investments LLC  property manager was unable to provide both for numerous reasons. In retaliation for not moving into an unpaid unit the Veteran family was discharged from the program without notification through mail, email or phone call followed up with the foloowing email forcing them to move.

RE: Moving 


Brittany Srp <[email protected]>


Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 10:39 am



David Kauffman

1434988107026.pdf (55.4 KB)

Good Morning, 

Please see the attached copy of award letter. The supervisor with HUDVASH who last assigned herself to you is  and her phone number is 

I have shared your email with David to make him aware of your requests as well.

David and  had a conversation last month regarding your residency at Las Vegas Mobile Home Park, and it was made very clear to us that if your family did not find new housing by April, she would move forward with an eviction. If this eviction goes through, it will be the fourth on your record in recent years, thereby creating an even larger barrier for your family to find housing.

The lease provided to you and on Monday is a legal binding contract signed by the landlord. I provided the landlord, Ruth, with the lease copy including your signatures, which makes your lease at the Mesquite property valid. Backing out of that lease now could possibly lead to another eviction on your record as well.



 After receiving the email from their case manager, the Veteran family requested a five to seven day notice of eviction from the property manager of Durant Property Investments LLC,  so as to present their case before judge and await the outcome. The property manager of Durant Property Investments LLC refused and notified the Veteran family that at this point, she wont be filing any evictions due to the pandemic restrictions and her desire to have the balance accumulate. She also let them now that she will provide them with their receipts of payment made by USVETS at a later time. The Veteran family then attempted to contact Nevada Legal Services. On or around mid August, after numerous failed attempts to acquire a copy of the lease signed between US VETSDurant Property Investments LLC and the Veteran, obtain receipts of payment, or get served with a seven day notice from the property manager The Veteran, after months of no contact, reached out to a US VETS representative and was notifed that based on their computer records, they were discharged from the program and ended the call with an agreement to email a copy of the discharge paperwork, which was easily downloadable PDF. Based on the expenditure listed on the Veteran's discharge paperwork obtained from US VETS and the current balance owed to Durant Property Investments LLC, it is abundantly clear that the only payment that was made to Durant Property Investments LLC was the security deposit to place the Veteran in housing through a security deposit payment, then quickly default on their rental agreement obligations, while documenting on their correspondence, the reason for discharge was the Veteran family achieved housing stability.

Balance owed to Durant Property Investments LLC


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