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Email Marketing

In this article we took a closer look into one of the most overlooked cost effective marketing strategies. Join me as we analyze it's importance, how it became a cornerstone of our modern day society and In a nutshell, decide if we should consider it to be a great investment

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The importance of email marketing


Client acquisition and retention

Client acquisition and retention is the life blood of any business. A lack of sufficient clientele can dictate how you do business, where you do business and if you stay in business at all. Client retention is another factor affecting business. Under normal circumstances, most companies spend twice as much on marketing to get a client when compared to actually having a client. Put simply, it takes about to clients to cover the cost of acquiring another.  So before you can actually see a profit after your average marketing expense, it would cost you on average three clients. Two clients just to break even on your investment.  As a business owner, you should be looking for a more cost effective approach towards your marketing strategy. Have you considered an email marketing campaign?

Email marketing, from a conventional prospective,  is sometimes labeled  as a tired, over-saturated medium for engaging consumers, followed up with the notion that today’s  millennial, spend if not all, a considerable amount of their time on social networks or texting. According to an Adobe campaign team study on more than 400 US-based white collar workers, 18 and older, regarding the use of their email, as of August 2015, nine of 10 respondents say they check personal email at work and work email from home along with more than one third report having multiple personal accounts. On average, survey respondents report using email six hours a day, or 30+ hours a week. 

A cornerstone in modern society


In a nutshell, email marketing is definitely a great investment

Email usage has become a cornerstone in modern society along with contributing to workplace culture. It is considered to be a powerful tool for productivity and collaboration. Thirty-five percent of the surveyed respondents say they prefer communicating with colleagues via email, in comparison to a more traditional face-to-face collaboration. The survey also found that outside of work, Mostly in America, about 70%, check their email from bed, 52% while on vacation, 50% while on the phone 43%, from the bathroom, and another 42%) and another 18% while driving. With regards to Millenials, they are considered most likely to check work email outside of normal work hours with one third most comfortable with using emojis to communicate with a direct manager or senior executive. 88% use a smart phone to check email and are more likely than any other age group to check email from bed with a 70%, 57% from the bathroom and 27% while driving.

In a nutshell, email marketing is definitely a great investment towards building your brand’s awareness and retaining customers. The average cost for an email marketing campaign with an outside agency rage between $300 - $500 US Dollars. At this rate you can expect the managing agency’s assistance with creating your email content, design and monitor results in real-time, which gives you the advantage of evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns and time needed to make improvements. Most will offer to add additional emails at a discounted price giving you the flexibility to add other staff members in the event your company’s marketing needs and strategy grow. Some may even offer A/B testing, which involves sending test emails directly to your recipients to gain insight into what content types, formats, and headlines appeal to the recipients the most. Once identified, this information can be used to determine the common elements that drive traffic to your site. The best performing design styled should be used most frequently.


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