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Catholicism and Islam Congregate in Iraq

Pope Francis has held a symbolic meeting with one of the most powerful figures in Shia Islam on the second day of his landmark trip to Iraq.

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Francis with Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner while holding traditional Argentine mate drink ware


Islam meets Catholicism

In a rare move, the Pope and the Ayotollah apparently mutually agreed to have a meeting in a very controversial piece of territory. What could this meeting be about and how will it affect religious influence in the area.

  1. Who is  Pope Francis and what is his role in politics?
  2. Who is the Grand Ayotollah and what is his role in Iranian politics?
  3. Who is the dominant religious sect curently in Iraq? whos is the minority?
  4. Who is the Prophet central to the Islamic faith?

What could this meeting possibly be about considering the religious indifferences


Is it time to settle our indifferences

We can safely assume that since these are very powerful figures representating different religious faiths, this meeting should be centered around religius dicussions, for examplethe Christian minority urrenlty residing in Iran, Iraq or potentially both.

  1. In Islam, Muslims are allowed to marry as mentioned in the Holy Quranic text, the people of the book, which include Christians. What are some of the major differences in opinions, between the two faiths? Explain two
  2. What percentage of Iranian citizens represent Christianity
  3. What percentage of iranian citizens practice Christianity
  4. What percentage of Christians and Muslims combined currently reside in Israel

Why are they meeting in such a controversial neutral territory


About 10,000 Iraqi Security Forces personnel were deployed to protect the Pope during his visit, while round-the-clock curfews were also imposed to limit the spread of coronavirus. The Pontiff also travel to an ancient city, where it is believed to be the birth place of the Prophet Abraham.

  1. What is the name of this ancient city and why is it so significant?
  2. Why would a very powerful and influencial western religious leader meet with an eastern religious equal, in a nation that that holds a majority of both religious sects combined.
  3. Do you believe that the Israeli nation should have taken the time and opportunity to include themselves in these talks so as to address the concerns of the citizens of their nation, that practise both Islam and Christianity? Why? Why not? Explain your answer
  4. Why not meet in Iran or the Vatican. Would the meeting appear to be more meaningful. Would you consider the meeting place to be a symbolic representation of something or is it designed to send a strong mssage to the world? What are your thoughts? Explain your answer.

How will this move affect American politics as well as Israeli relations


Religion and belief in the God of the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims is very unpopular in the United States yet the rights and religious freedoms of their citizens are strongly protected by law.

  1. How will this religious meeting affect politics in America, given the fact that religious beliefs is becoming extremely unpopular as time goes by?
  2. Given the fact that current Iranian policies undermine Israeli safety, security an stability how should the Israeli government view this move. Do you consider it to be somewhat one-sided?


Mark Lowen - Rome Correspondent, BBC  - Middle East, Pope Francis and top Shia cleric Ali al-Sistani discuss safety of Iraqi Christians. Tue March 2, 2021. 6 March 2021.


Pope Francis with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Public Domain,

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