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A Cold War Mentality

On Saturday Mr Shang Fu downplayed the possibility of direct military talks with the United States citing the sanctions placed against him dating as far back as two thousand eighteen

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General Li Shang Fu


Currently A State Counciler

Li Shang Fu is currently a state councilor representing the  Peoples Republic Of China. A Sate Councilor is a high ranking member of what we consider to be a  member of Cabinet within the executive branch.  Even though their major role is to assist with the overseeing of a variety of government portfolios and representing the entire Chinese government on foreign trips, this role isn't very specific especially in times of actual appointment.

Other roles they may play can range from  department head or represent the council overall at a domestic level. As a General with a background in aerospace engineering Mr Shang Fu is no stranger to the international community. Back in two thousand eighteen, Gen Li was sanctioned over the acquisition of military hardware from Russia. The current  sanctions prevent him from travelling to the US, and also make it difficult to invite other officials for example, Gen Austin.

A Pretext To Hedgemony


Sailing In An Unsafe Manner

 In recent developments, the US has accused a Chinese destroyer of sailing "in an unsafe manner" near an American warship as it transited the Taiwan Strait with Canadian vessels. The United States and it's allies, in accordance with international law. Both the United states and Canada believe that they have the right to navigate freely within that specific region, as the number of troops on rotational deployment increased within the region which Chinese official highlighted, could heighten the risk of a military confrontation. China downplayed the maneuver as a "a pretext to exercise hegemony of navigation", when speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, the Asia-Pacific region's only annual security meeting.

No Talks With Sanctions In Place

On Saturday  Mr Shang Fu downplayed the possibility of direct military talks with the United States citing the sanctions placed against him dating as far back as two thousand eighteen, but with such a moderate tone in speech, he left his audience very hopeful that diplomatic relations isn't out of the questions using words like “The world is big enough for both the US and China” alongside the narrative that  a war between the US and China would be unbearable.
Mr Shang Fu or General Shang fu’s speech was held at  the Shangri La Dialogue summit, which is designed to create a sense of togetherness and community among the most important policymakers in defense and security. In the Asian-Pacific region. Even though the audience in attendance consist mainly of the most important policymakers in the defense and security community in the region. It has been known to also have as part of this audience, legislators, academic experts, distinguished journalists and business delegates.In other words, very important and influential members of society..

China believes that the hegemony of navigation may be a direct result of their recent actions in Taiwan as Relations between Washington and Beijing have been strained among several other issues, including China's claim over Taiwan, and territorial disputes in the South China Sea.
 Is It Worth The Trade Off
US Troops increased rotational deployment within the region clearly indicate early warning signs of a willingness to defend and bring stability to what is considered to be of interest while the other party being China is approaching the conflict with a sense of belonging. Both parties are claiming the right to defend but whom does Taiwan need to be defended from. So far it seems as if both sides are making an attempt to provoke each other so an aggressor can be identified to justify the use of force to defend. Share your thoughts. Leave a comment.

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