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BatalP Social Media Marketing Music  Submissions
BatalP Social Media Marketing Music  Submissions
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BatalP Social Media Marketing Music Submissions

Are you a current Business Owner, Entrepuneur or aspiring independent talent looking for new innovative cost efficient solutions tailored to promote your services?

The History Behind Radio


Radio As A Technology

Radio as a technology is adjusting and responding fairly well in and towards modern society. From a basic standpoint, it is considered to be the technology of signaling and communicating using radio waves, which are electronic magnetic waves of frequency between 30 Hertz and 300 gigahertz. Electromagnetic waves are generated using a transmitter which is then connected to an antenna which is then used to radiate those waves. Regarding the usage of radio in modern technology,  it is commonly utilized in the following areas.

  •  Radar
  • Radio navigation
  • Remote control and sensing
  • Communication

Radio technology in communication has a variety of usage. The usage most familiar to the average everyday consumer would be the transmission of audio sound, related to Meta data by radio waves to receivers/broadcast receivers belonging to the consumers of music or a public audience. With regards to broadcasting radio it can be either land based, commonly known as terrestrial and then there is satellite radio where the radio waves are broadcasted through a satellite orbiting earth. Client acquisition and retention is a challenge all business owners face today. It can cost twice as much financial capital to acquire a new customer than to retain one. Along with acquisition comes retention.

Client retention can ensure a steady consistent flow of passive income and is necessary for expansion and growth which should be a a major goal for any business entity, regardless of size or industry. Securing a quick, inexpensive solution towards getting started, as a current business owner, entrepuneur or aspiring independent is also important. As a production company, we understand the timeliness associated with  finding new innovative cost efficient solutions tailored to promote your services. Internet technology has contributed to the usage, start up cost and quality of sound in comparison to traditional radio broadcasting. A huge advantage is limitations. No geographic limitation gives us as a radio station, the ability to reach listeners all over the world. As a listener, you can access our station no matter where they are, provided an internet connection is available. It is also imperative in today’s modern day society, for businesses to have a strong social media presence. It can help ensure your brand’s success. Communication is faster and convenient and has been proven to increase website traffic as well.

Connecting businesses with consumers locally


Our Radio Playlists

Radio, even with all of the marvelous technological advances in our modern society, still hold relevance on a moderate scale and is consistently growing. As a business owner, a well executed radio campaign produces desirable results at a cost efficient price, while building customer loyalty and promoting your product or service. One powerful tool radio allows your message to be tailored and localized. It also provides selective targeting which is the targeting of specific customer groups based on market demographics such as gender, age and income. Radio also allow business owners to so speak openly to their audience when compared to seeing a visual ad similar to a television commercial or banner, flyer and brochures.

BatalP ii-social media marketing radio, is designed to connect the average everyday consumer with business owners from within their community. We believe this simple concept can create consumer awareness, build brands and develop a strong referral service. We offer a variety of programming options to effectively promote activities, events and offers from participating Service Providers of our production magazine and business owners from within your local community. Our radio station we organize our content into playlists. Each playlist has it’s very own category.

  • Intervals - Interval playlists allow us to play tracks at regular intervals of several minutes or several audio tracks. These playlists are useful when playing recurring content, such as station as identifying our radio stations, syndicate programming or commercial advertisements from participating service providers or business owners from within your local community globally.
  • Scheduled Playlists - Scheduled playlists allow us to schedule a list of tracks to be played at a specific date and time. Our playlists can also be setup to repeat on a schedule, making them ideal for daily/weekly countdowns and pre-recorded shows.
  • On demand content - Our on demand content is considered to be our immediate playlists which allow us to queue tracks to be played immediately after or at the end of the current track. Currently, our playlists is catered to be most useful for playing tracks on demand, including song requests.
  • General rotation playlists - Our general rotation playlist is used to play media from general library, when no scheduled or interval playlists are scheduled to be played. Like most other radio stations, Zakir Zakat radio spends the majority of our air time playing tracks from our general rotation playlists.

The lord Ceo Muk Show


Music Submissions

The Lord Ceo Muk Show is the official audio streaming service of Batal Productions and has high aspirations of becoming a major leader in the music streaming service industry. Audio streaming is becoming very popular and this is easily accomplished by offering listeners access to millions of songs for the equivalent of one CD purchase per month. Other benefits include exclusive air play on Zakir Zakar radio, our radio station, easy access to a huge library of music, the ability to streaming anywhere from mobile devices, with the option to download music for offline listening. User accounts on the Lord Ceo Muk Show can also curate their playlists based on their music taste with a constant flow of new music uploads from D.J. El’ C.M. and other premium user accounts with the ability to upload their own audio. We accept music submissions daily from all major and independent talents from within a variety of genres.

  1. To sign up for a new user account simply create your unique social i.d. via our Business network  include I social, update your profile, bio and cover photo.
  2. Next visit the Lord Ceo Muk Show official website select the log in option at the very bottom log in with batap social. This will give you access to your user profile which matches the same log in credentials for include I social which is our business network and the central hub for all things. One of the major benefits of creating your unique social i.d. via our business network is it will give all users registered on our business network access to our other production platforms which include our production magazine, The Lord Ceo Muk Show and our video streaming platform include I video.


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