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Formatting Your Resume

As mentioned in our previous article, The importance of a resume there a variety of formats that can be used. Most employers look for a solid work history. They like to see a consistency of employment

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Formatting Your Resume

Education And Work Experience

Prospective Employers in a variety of industries has to use their time wisely. At least those heavily involved in the hiring process. Whenever you apply for an open position, think about how many other individuals see that same position as a good opportunity for themselves. The bottom line is they will most likely have to sift through thousands of applications, resumes and cover letters, shcedule interviews, provide testing and so on. If it's your goal to get hired then you want to make sure that your resume is slightly a cut above the rest, yet simple and most importantly, easy to read so here is where formatting becomes king.
A little bit about yourself
To ensure your prospective employer can conveniently get a hold of you in the top right hand corner of your word document should have your name in bold caps. Followed up with your up to date address, phone number and email address each on a separate line. Next comes the about me section. This is where you would create a personal statement stating why you are applying for this position your ambitions, interests. Included in your about me in bold you should also state why you believe that you re suitable for the current position.
Education & Work Experience
Most employers gravitate towards someone, almost anyone with a well rounded education meaning a good combination of  relevant field experience alongside your education. This sends a message that you already know or have experienced prior what is expected of you, the types of work place personalities you will encounter and most importantly the lifestyle this job has to offer so as not to have a negative effect on your personal life choices. As far as your education goes, list your degree or major, school or university name and location, highlighting your education details including academic results, degrees, diplomas and certificates. Your work experience should follow the same format with your most recent position laying out your job title, company name, location and work experience details, highlighting your key responsibilities and most remarkable accomplishments.

Slowly Trending


A Little Inquisitive

Within the past few years a pattern has been slowly trending within the employment community where a prospective employer may become a little inquisitive  with regards to what you would most likely be doing in your off time. At first glance it may seem a little invasive. It all depends on which side of the coin you're on but regardless of the side here is why it's a good idea that can benefit both parties. If you as an applicant is an active member of on organization that may hurt a company’s branding, image or core values this may work against you. On the flip side of things if you’re part of an organization that doesn't affect or contributes to the workplace culture this will also work in your favor. It looks great to see that in an employee's off time they enjoy being an active member  of the local community. This can be easily achieved through sports, gym memberships, volunteer work clubs associations and so on so, if you're not active you should consider it. Extra curricular activities should be listed in bold characters. On a separate line starting with most recent list your titled position, organization name and locations. You also want to list your extra-curricular activities in detail highlighting  your key responsibilities and accomplishments.

Functional Resumes Do Well

Where Formatting Matters

As mentioned in our previous article, The importance of a resume there a variety of formats that can be used. Most employers look for a solid work history. They like to see a consistency of employment. This shows that you have a strong desire to work and it give them an idea s to why you may have left you're last position based on time spent on the job or stayed. It may also give an impression as to why you may have left, maybe you recently moved and commute may be an issue or they may even notice that you stayed in the same position for a considerable amount of time and upward mobility was an issue. Regardless of the nature, chronological is king especially when you are committed to a specific industry. Functional resumes do well within the sales and customer service industry since this resume style favors highlighting your skills, accomplishments and achievements. For all of those high level executives and mid to upper level management would use more of a targeted resume format since they are targeting a certain position over industry and for those that have a combination of a poor work history yet favor a functional resume style they can use the combination resume format where they can list their chronological work history and replace the gaps in employment with highlighting their skills, work experiences and educational achievements.

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