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The Lord Ceo Muk Show Podcast

Corrective body posture is something that is often overlooked if not, totally ignored within our modern society. Its not something that is openly promoted nor is it a subject that the average everyday consumer is educated on, more or less practice, which in turn, create a variety of opportunitie

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Motivational Speaking

A Sense Of Well Being

Pod casting is becoming very popular trend in today's modern society. We see a lot of celebrities, especially from within the music industry, cash in on the audio listener market. We currently live in a Time Zone where we see a lot of amateur styled pod casters cover a variety of topics,  create a volatility of listeners or people that tune in but don't subscribe, to whatever network they use to publish their content. Regardless of their volatility of listeners, pod casting has been proven to be successful at captivating its audience, through motivational speaking, influencing and refining the art  and generating enough of an interest that its audience come back for more. The Lord Ceo Muk Show Podcast is all about cultivating a niche market focused creating a strong sense of well being through a series of corrective body assessments, demo exercises including upper and lower body stretches up o full body assisted stretching.. We will also be covering a variety of topics mainly featured articles from our production magazine, dealing with the environment, current events and local news just to name a few.

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The Lord Ceo Muk Show Video

The Lord Ceo Muk Show Video L.C.M.V, will be a ninety minute video production, where we will host six guests. Our guests will consist of a combination of males and females that have an active gym membership. Our production will start off where our guests will introduce themselves names, profession, their gym membership location and status for the first thirty minutes. For the second thirty minutes we will welcome two volunteers whom will be receiving a full body posture assessment. The remainder of our guests will participate in our dough game project where they will have to prepare and cook a meal using dough as the main ingredient. Our guests will have access to instruction on how to prepare and cook that particular meal. Through our production magazine The Blac & Bleu Book. The final thirty minutes of our production will be used to discuss topics currently trending in our production magazine, The Blac & Bleu Book over brunch or dinner. Our ninety minute video production will be featured on our very own video streaming platform The Lord Ceo Muk Show Video.  As with The Lord Ceo Muk Show audio, so as to provide a variety content for our prospective viewers, our  video streaming platform is open to the international community or general public. To create your free user account simply register or use the log in with, ii-social option and update your user profile. As a registered user, you would be able to upload your video content, share your videos via url from other video streaming platform. Premium account holders will  have the ability to upload their very own independent film, and have it readily available for the consumer at a price, as a free download stock video or promotional trailer

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Get It All Aligned

Corrective body posture is something that is often overlooked if not, totally ignored within our modern society. Its not something that is openly promoted nor is it a subject that the average everyday consumer is educated on, more or less practice, which in turn, create a variety of opportunities. Opportunities such as offering an exclusive service and pricing through a licensed professional and gain a sizable market share while increasing profits. Some of the adverse effects associated with incorrect body posture, just to name a few are uneven muscle growth, muscle overcompensation, deformity, pain and  a restricted rage of motion. As a Massage Therapist under the Nevada Board Of Massage Therapy. Prior to my enrollment to Cortiva Institute, I had my misconceptions.  From the outside  looking in, I viewed my industry as an industry providing  services catering mostly to the upper crust of society and not made affordable to everyone. I feel as if everyone should be entitled to a sense of well being. I knew prior to registration. What I would like to do at this time is to schedule a day and time within the next couple of weeks how my therapeutic modalities can increase your market share, profits and give you the competitive advantage risk free. I’m also interested and willing to do a live demo

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